Ontario Haflinger Youth Program

REQUIREMENTS:Two age groups for qualification :
Junior Youth – Eleven yrs. and under
Advanced Youth – Age 12 yrs to and including 18 yrs
Note: Junior Youth may apply to the Youth Program Committee for permanent status as an Advanced Youth.

Youth Membership Card issued annually for $2 due and payable January 1st.

Annual Membership and participation extends from January 1st to December 31st.
Youth Members must use registered Haflinger horses only, owned by OHA members.
Qualification Credits will be given for participation in the following: Haflinger shows, 4-H events, Pony Club participation, photo-proof of training and fitting horse for showing, trail rides events, clinics, parades, promotional events. NOTE: Youth member must participate in at least one official OHA event annually as laid out in the Calendar of Events.
Photos can be submitted to the Youth Committee from time to time to be considered for posting on the OHA Web-site.